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For Parents

  Parent Pledge 197 KB8/23/2014
  Player Move-up policy 630 KB4/25/2016
  Medical Release Form 643 KB10/26/2016
  Cast Rule 663 KB10/26/2016
  Spring 2017 Registration 884 KB10/26/2016
  Spring 2017 Registration Spanish 597 KB10/26/2016

For Coaches

  VYSA Coaches Handbook 889 KB1/4/2012
  Coaches Information (Microsoft Word) 28 KB11/16/2011
  Coaches Information (Adobe Acrobat) 117 KB11/16/2011
  U-6 & U-8 practice games (Microsoft Word) 23 KB11/16/2011
  U-6 & U-8 practice games (Adobe Acrobat pdf) 155 KB11/16/2011
  Scrimmage Games (Microsoft Word) 24 KB11/16/2011
  Scrimmage Games (Adobe Acrobat) 157 KB11/16/2011
  Team Communication & Passing Drills (Microsoft Word) 24 KB11/16/2011
  Team Communication & Passing Drills (Adobe Acrobat) 103 KB11/16/2011
  Keeper and Striker Training(Microsoft Word) 26 KB11/16/2011
  Keeper and Striker Training(Adobe Acrobat) 157 KB11/16/2011
  Warm Up Drills( Microsoft Word ) 23 KB11/16/2011
  Warm Up Drills ( Adobe Acrobat ) 57 KB11/16/2011
  Coaching When to Pass (or not)( Microsoft Word ) 31 KB11/16/2011
  Coaching When to Pass (or not)( Adobe Acrobat )) 96 KB11/16/2011
  Player Evaluation Sheet 234 KB1/24/2015
  Fall 2016 Coaches Meeting powerpoint 1 MB8/22/2016
  Fall 2016 Coaches Meeting Powerpoint (pdf) 1 MB8/22/2016


  VYSA Kidsafe Form (Microsoft Word) 43 KB11/16/2011
  FRSA Equipment Loan Contract 169 KB3/25/2015
  FRSA Sponsorship Packet 608 KB1/28/2017

Regulatory Documents

  F.R.S.A. Rules & Regulations(Microsoft Word Doc)) 119 KB1/30/2016
  F.R.S.A. Rules & Regulations(Adobe Acrobat pdf) 529 KB1/30/2016
  FRSA Constitution and Bylaws 124 KB4/22/2012
  FRSA Constitution and Bylaws PDF 305 KB4/22/2012

Board Information

  Refund Request Form PDF 137 KB2/20/2013
  Refund Request Form Excel 10 KB2/20/2013
  Fee Waiver Request Form 12 KB2/26/2013