Front Royal Soccer Association Spring 2017 Newsletter

 Welcome to Spring 2017

Greetings Parents, Players, Coaches and Referees and welcome to the spring 2017 Season.
We are looking forward to an exciting season of soccer culminating in the Soccer Showcase on June 10th(more on that later).

 Silent Saturday
April 22, 2017

New this season, April 22nd will be Silent Saturday. Spectators and coaches will be expected to follow the rules of Silent Saturday which can be found here. Silent Saturday is a chance for players to just play the game of soccer without having to worry about what spectators or coaches have to say from the sidelines.

New Field Maps

Curious about which field your team is actually supposed to be on for games or practice? Maps of all our practice and game fields are available under the Fields drop down at the top of the page. Or click the links below.

Skyline Soccerplex

Eastham Park

Ressie Jeffries Elementary

 Spring 2016 Board of Directors
Executive Board
President - Marc Houde
Vice President - Lissa Blakely
Treasurer - Lisa Quinn
Secretary - Molly Johnson
Registrar - Teri LeCompte 

U6 - Carrie Coughenour
U7 - Daisy Blakely
U8 - Julie Cisler
U10Boys - Nick Johnson
U10Girls - Andrew Hibl
U12 - Chip Chenery
      - Melissa DeBaise
U14 - Eileen Zhering
U19 - Jim Blakely
Travel - Nick Crettier 
Referee - Dave Fritts

Committee Chairs
Sponsorships - Warren "Skip" LeCompte
Equipment - Jeannie Tharpe
Risk Management - Chris Gobie
                        - Andrea Zanelotti
Youth Members - Destinee Manning
                       - Isaiah Wilt
At-Large Members - Michelle Hillaert
                          - Billy Dunbar


Changes: Current and Future 

As with all things, youth soccer is changing and evolving to better provide for both our youth players and the overall soccer community as such there have been many changes over the past year, and many more coming. 

What has already changed:

  • Heading rules - the recent focus on concussions has lead to new guidelines from ussoccer limiting heading during practice for players 11-13 and eliminating heading for younger players. What this means for us is player in divisions u12 and younger are not allowed to head the ball. Deliberate heading will result in an indirect free kick for the opposing team. Accidental heading will result in a drop ball.
  • Birth Year Registration - As most of you know, players are now placed in divisions based on their year of birth rather than the somewhat arbitrary Aug 31-Sept 1 age groups. There are a number of reasons for this which you can read about in the U.S. Soccer Player Development Initiative presentation at the US Soccer website including 
    • Moves the focus away from the team and onto the individual player
    • Moves the focus from Bigger, Stronger, Faster (Relative Age Effect)
    • Uniformity across the country and membership
    • Align with international standards

Changes coming in Fall 2017:

  • There are additional changes coming in the fall based on the U.S. Soccer Player Development Initiative presentation including decreased field and goal sizes for u6-u12, changes to the game format, and new rules for u9/10 soccer. In order to avoid confusion, look for a synopsis of those changes in the Fall 2017 Newsletter.

Soccer Showcase
June 10th, 2017

Join us on June 10th for the annual FRSA Soccer Showcase. Players in u6-u8 will play two shortened games, and older players will participate in mini tournaments.

Also on hand will be food and other vendors, Challenger Sports for all your questions about British soccer summer camp (Jul 31-Aug 4),  DC United, Warren County Sheriffs, FRPD, Humane Society and others.

For the kids we are hoping to have a firetruck available for a little cooling spray down from 11-1. This will depend upon their availability on that day. We will also have a couple of Inflatables one of which may include a water slide.

At noon, games will pause for half an hour while we do the 50/50 raffle drawing, award the FRSA college scholarships, and give out plaques to our sponsors.


Concussion Awareness

Concussions are a very serious topic that have become a focus of the larger Soccer community in the US. Referees have been instructed nationally to look for potential concussion injuries and to treat them seriously. If a referee believes that an injury that could potentially cause a concussion has taken place,  the player will not be allowed to continue or return to play without the authorization of a qualified medical practitioner. If you would like to learn more about identifying and the care process for concussions you can take the CDC's Head's up Concussion training (click the image). This is required training for all coaches and highly recommended for parents and players alike.


Sports Parent's Top 10  

  1. Love your child no matter what
  2. Let the coach do his job
  3. Be realistic about your child's abilities
  4. Let your child have fun
  5. Volunteer
  6. Do not (re)live your athletic life through your child
  7. Do not compare your child's abilities or attitudes with anyone else's
  8. Be grateful
  9. Support the whole team
  10. Try to see the big picture.